I will start to work on…

A “new” version of “Uncolorful” targeting Android devices. Still in the proccess of pre production, deciding what to change and what to improve over the Ouya game.


Minor Updates – ver. 1.0.1

The game was updated with a few bug corrections and two new levels (for now). The fixes are:

  • Character no longer beat the level dead (hope nobody has run into this bug :p);
  • You can now select the options in the main menu with the directional and analogue stick (fine tuning needed);

In the oncoming weeks another known bugs will be corrected (sorry guys we have a lot to do in life, we can’t fix everything so fast 😦 ). Here are the things we plan to fix next:

  • Change the colours you collect;
  • Introduction of worlds separated by sets of levels (ie: “candy world has seven levels, water world has another seven” and so on and so forth);
  • New cards;
  • New levels;
  • Fine tuned controls for speed runners;
  • Improve audio quality;
  • Improve overall graphic quality;
  • Better performance;

That’s all for now people, hugs.